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BEST EVER Cinnamon Roll Cake

This is a particularly wonderful recipe that I have been promising many of you I would post for the last 3 months, but with school being extra crazy busy, I haven't really had the time to until now! I have posted several videos of me glazing this cake on my instagram @sierraat, so if you enjoy watching luscious frosting pour over hot cake (I mean who doesn't right?) be sure the check them out! Before I get into the recipe I have to apologize, y'all are going to have to make due with some less than stellar images on this particular post. Usually, I try to get some better angles and at least slice the item so that you can see the ooey, gooey goodness that is inside, but I didn't do that with this Cinnamon Roll Cake. My reason for lacking quality photos is that I can only bake this cake immediately before group events/potlucks, after which I hurdle it out the door as fast as I possible can. If it stays in my house a second longer than it takes to bake and frost I am rende…

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