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Our Mountain Wedding

I wanted to take some time from my usual food posting to write a bit about our wedding! We were married in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 8,200 ft on August 11th, 2018. Surprisingly, I have found that writing about our wedding is a lot harder than writing about food. Not sure if it's because it's such a personal event or if it's just an unfamiliar writing topic for me, but I have found getting the words out to be a challenge! I do want to share about it however because it was an incredible day and we learned so much about ourselves and wedding planning in the process. We really wanted a wedding that was authentic, meaningful to us and not confined by western commercialized standards. We also did not want to spend the national average of $25,000 on what is essentially a one-day party!  With this in mind we used vendors for larger items but ended up DIY-ing the rest!

This will be the first introductory post of what I hope will be several posts about our wedding, budgeting, …

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