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Delightful Success! Day 6

To describe today's interesting turn of events, I must first introduce you to a character who has been a major component of our cross country trek.
Dear readers let me introduce you to Greta... the Garmin.

Let me just be frank about it. Greta is an evil and saucy wench who has almost had both my mother and I killed or hideously wounded a number of times on this journey. Call me suspicious folks, but I think the witch is out to get us.

At first, this navigator for the wayward was the perfect tour guide. She helpfully charted out our routes and graciously "re-caculated" our path if we missed a turn or exit. It was a beautiful friendship, until the tricky gagdget began acting rather curiously. Personally, I think she was only luring us into her diabolical trap.
It was only subtle changes at first. A miscalculation, maybe where we actually needed to turn right instead of left, we didnt get to the correct stoplight, or the road actually curved where we had been shown it was…

One Sweet Ride- Day 5

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I announce that today, in our great journey, nothing crazy happened.

Sassybaskets has finally stopped screaming, we have had no dangerous incidents and are making splendidly good time. Now usually I would find this rather boring, but after the non-stop hectic series of events that have occured on our trip, I have to say, a little peace is quite refreshing.

Does this mean that I have nothing to tell? Of course not! I still have my cupcake mission remember?! Plus, at this rate I am driving through at least two states a day, and believe me, there is plenty to see.

First of all, I am FREEZING! This southern girl from the tropical land of Florida is freezing her little tootsies off. I am currently in the precious, idealic town of Flagstaff, Arizona. From my hotel window I can see melting snow banks and locals happily strolling past in... shorts. No, that is not a typo, these people must be either decendents of eskimos or they are absolu…

Over Indulgence - Day 4

Today, Sassybaskets started screaming.

I have never before so wished for absolute silence. It will only be moments I fear, before I completely lose my mind. In fact, I believe I am beginning to develop a rather obvious twitch. My right eyebrow keeps jerking violently upwards, and while it might look dashing expression on some, I look like I accidently walked into an advanced physics class, permanently in a state of confusion, disbelief and puzzlement. I am sure, at the moment reader, that you have no inkling of a clue what I am talking about; therefore, I will endeavor to do my best to explain to you the day’s torture.
My car is screaming, and… it… won’t…stop. Apparently, in order to roll those classic tumble weeds around the great open plains, you need wind. Texas, as I have learned at least 5 gazillion times over within only the last hour, is full of wind. Lots of it. Honestly, I expect any minute to see wicked witch from Oz ride past me on that horrid bicycle cackling madly at our …

Sweet Success!- Day 3

I must confess, that after the yesterday's roadside chaos, I was more than a little hesistant to venture out into today's unknown...

Thankfully, the morning began only with a peaceful extended wait at the local Chevrolet dealer. I really must offer my greatest gratitude towards those charming and friendly fellows. They graciously tolerated and even aided us in packing and repacking Sassybaskets, gave my little car a complete once over, and even gave us emergency contact information should we once again be forced to combat disaster. Maybe it was the influence of the doughnuts we brought them for breakfast, but I like to think that those kind gentlemen are proof that good ol'southern hospitality still exists... at least in Louisiana.

It was then that the open road began to beckon these world travelers, and we were once again making our merry way towards cupcakes, Texas, and cowboys. Quite a delectable combination don't you think?

Once again my mother and I were the inte…

Sweet Complications- Day 2

Well folks, today this daring traveler has been humbled...
Fate obviously had a diabolical plan in mind for me as my mother and I began the long drive to Shreveport, Louisiana this morning. Allow me to offer you a mild spoiler - we never made it.

First, came the storms. A wicked red line heading straight towards these adventurers and threatening completely shut down our operation. While these turned out really to be not much trouble, when I think about it now maybe it was a small warning of what was to come...
I was merrily speeding down I-10 (and by merrily speeding I mean responsibly obeying every traffic law of course) when my ever observant mother made a critical observation. She informed me that the car was starting to shake. Shake? What do you mean that the car is shaking? How can a car shake? Its not an airplane here people, I am not running into turbulence, a car is not meant to shake!

Immediately after her ominous statement, disaster struck. My rear tire blew out, and by blew…

Mission Cupcake: Day 1

Well ladies and gentlemen, today I have finally left the lovely city of Gainesville for the great unknown. I must say that I am completely exhausted, sleep has never seemed like a sweeter prospect. But, because of my loyalty to you dear readers, I will tell you about day one of my immense journey.

The day started fairly well. I picked up my sassy momma at the airport, we went and got wonderfully sassy haircuts (an absolute necessity on any girl's road trip) and then loaded in to my little red car, Sassybaskets (Yes, my car has a name thank you very much). Our goal for this first leg of our great journey was to make it to Destin,FL, alive. As you may have so astutely read in my previous post, today we were schedule to sample the epicurian delights of a little shop called Cupcake Beach. Lacking both sleep and chocolate my mother and I were looking very forward to this first heavenly stop on our mission.

After packing a car, and driving along a hidously boring stretch of I-10 we arri…

A Sweet Goodbye

There must be an unwritten rule in the universe, that once a person declares to the world their intention to abstain from indulging in temptation, the object of their desire will become available to them in massive, wonderful, quantities.

Such has been my experience with chocolate these last few days. Since my previous post, declaring my abandonment of chocolate for the season of Lent, things have become quite difficult. These last lingering days in Florida have been full of goodbyes, happy hours, and dinners with close friends. In order to make the experience all the more fun (for them at least), some have created a game especially for me. It is titled Try to Make Sierra Go Mad For Chocolate. Its a horrible and cruel game that can be played in a number of ways, the more common practice being to hold a fork dripping with some heavenly smelling chocolate concoction in front of my face, and watch me squirm. Let me just tell you folks, a few times, they came pretty darn close to breakin…

The Delectable Journey

As some of you may already know, within the next coming week I shall be making the long, perilous, and wearisome road trip to California. As I lounge on my rapidly deflating air mattress and view the chaos of boxes, and bags around me I can't help but feel a little nostalgic. Since coming to the University of Florida, I have met some amazing people and had the chance to do some pretty great things. They will all be missed, and the memories will be treasured.

Now however, it is time to leave the college days behind and spring off to new adventures. Where will I go? Why, this girl is heading out west of course! To the land of mountains, sunsets, and dare I mention it? , cowboys!! (please note the double use of the exclamation mark, I am VERY enthusiastic about this particular western specialty) So I created this blog to keep in touch with my Atlantic friends, to share adventures and stories AND to share my cooking disasters and triumphs. As most of you know I have a passion for coo…