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Boil and Bubble.

So there is a legend here in this freezing valley... a story of magical place.. a place so wonderful, so miraculous, that it has brought wonder into the hearts of those of us who inhabit this wild, cold land.

The Hot Springs
Yes, it is true. They exist. I have seen it with my very own eyes. Hot springs. Could anything be more wonderful?  More magnificent. Nay I say.
My new found companions and  I set out on a wonderful Monday afternoon in a quest for this mythical place. We planned to take the recently opened mountain pass, until recently made insurmountable by snow, across the mountains to the other side of the park. From there our sparse directions consisted of a note that read something like  this...
"Find the highway. Drive until you see a green chapel. Turn at Chapel. Find the 3rd cattle guard. Hike until you see water."
I think that you may have already figured out that we got hopelessly lost, many, many times...
At first the drive was magnificent. We drove over the tops o…

Just Another Tequila Sunrise

So its taken me a full 2 days to write about  my birthday party. It was just that freakin awesome. Did I ever mention the people out here are great?  No lie I had a total blast, and it definitely made the record books.

You see I am not a hard partying sort of chick. Honestly, my list of wild times is rather pathetic, its just not something I do. But once in a a great while a girl has got to let loose, let her hair down and... in the famous words of the oh so handsome Dierks Bentley.... get a little sideways...

Mission Accomplished
There was great food, made awesome by the grill cooks who came to BBQ, cake, wonderful people and the beautiful California night sky.  Apparently, I am responsible for over half the subsequent hangovers in my housing complex. But what can I say? That's how we do it down south.  Your hanging with the big dogs now.The best part is that I woke up safe, warm and sound in my own bed after a great night. The only memento leftover from the night is the lime I fou…

Birthday Wishes!

SSSOOOOOO... guess what?   Today is my birthday! Turning the big 22, and I am going all out because really... its all down hill from here. I mean the next big birthday is that "over-the-hill" one and that's a pretty long way off yet. So, if you just so happen to hear of some chick caught running buck naked through that mountains..that may... or may not... be me. But enough about that, I have a surprise for y'all!

I got wifi for my hut! Yay! That means I will be able to write more often! No more of this posting once a week stuff. I can tell you all my stories as they happen, and keep you guys updated on life in the mountains sans cupcakes. Yay!!

What a wonderful day right? Luv you all!