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One Sweet Cove

It's spring time!!
 After a long snowy winter, we are finally seeing the sun break through the clouds here in Yosemite valley. The days are warmer and the animals are coming back to the valley. I for one can't wait until the ducklings and fawns start making an appearance in the meadows and rivers!

My favorite  things about California is the spring wildflowers. Once a year the winter dead hills come alive with vivid purples, glowing oranges, bright pinks and greens. 

One of the best trails to see a bit of nature's annual masterpiece is the Hite Cove trail. Located on highway 140 just outside of Yosemite National Park, it is considered a moderate hike, with immediate and rewarding views.

Here is a little bit of background information for ya.
The trail itself is named after Jonathon Hite. This gentleman discovered rich California gold in the narrow canyon in the 1860's. Apparently, there is no more gold in the area (so they say) but the trail is now largely used for view a…