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Sticky Figgy Puddings with Caramel Syrup

I had been aiming to make this pudding over the holidays, but couldn't ever seem to find the time. A snow day was a perfect opportunity to try this recipe out! For those of you who do not know what Figgy Pudding is, it is considered to be an "English" pudding. This means that it is more of soft, moist, cake-like bread that is then soaked a rich caramel sauce to create a traditional "bread pudding". It is absolutely delicious served hot with vanilla ice cream on a cold night, and you should definitely take my word for it, I have been eating it all week!

I think traditionally, Figgy Pudding is make in a ramekin, but I made these in mini bundt cake pans that I over filled so that I could allow the caramel sauce to pool in the middle. It really made a lovely presentation! As with all of the recipes I post on here this one is very simple to make, although having a few tools handy, like a blender/food processor and a some sort of mixer, will definitely make the proce…

Winter Hot Mulled Wine

While the holidays may be over and all the decorations put away, the winter cold isn't going to go anywhere anytime soon! This Hot Mulled Wine recipe is one that you can enjoy throughout the winter season. The recipe originally came to be as one of those of unusual, blessed occurrences where you try to follow a recipe, only to find that you have made several key errors and that, despite all indications to the contrary, it has turned out absolutely delicious. Since that doesn't happen in our kitchen very often, I am more than happy just going to go with the flow here. Tommy calls this recipe "All-But-Kitchen-Sink Mulled Wine" and once you read the recipe I think  you will agree with him!

 On Christmas Eve we were looking for a festive drink to imbibe in to celebrate our recent engagement (much more on that later!!). We have had a beautiful bottle of California Merlot sitting for months in our pantry, and as I do not enjoy drinking Merlot (way too dry!), we hadn'…